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It is easy enough to find people to give you advice when you have plenty of money in your pocket, but who do you turn to when your financial affairs are in a mess?

When faced with financial problems, most of us simply try and turn away and say to ourselves, it will sort itself out or we will manage. In reality, financial problems do not go away, they generally just get worse or are left unattended. By the time you decide to do something, it is often too late. A bankruptcy petition may have been issued or you are being swamped by demands for payment from credit companies, loans and banks. In other words, you have lost control of the financial situation.

About us

The Personal Insolvency Bureau (PIB) has been formed by a team of professional experienced personnel with many years experience. PIB deal with people faced either with bankruptcy proceedings, are already bankrupt or are aware that they have serious financial problems, and who do not know what bankruptcy means for them, how to deal with it or whether there are any alternatives.

It is time for action

The key to dealing with your personal financial situation is to ACT NOW! As soon as you realise the difficult situation you are in, the sooner you can do something about it and the sooner the PIB can advise you and help you regain control of the situation.

What will it all cost?

The PIB is completely independent and it is not part of any law firm or accountancy practice, although we have good contacts with such specialist firms if need be. Our costs are kept to a minimum and are realistic, as we understand that there may not be a great deal of spare cash to go around. Each person's circumstances are unique and therefore the costs will reflect this accordingly.

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