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Business Rescue or Business Closure?

Faced with a company in financial distress? Seeking early advice enables you to establish the options available. We at CIB have many years experience of business recovery and insolvency related matters. Understanding informal and formal processes is critical for each case is unique.

When a business faces financial distress, urgent advice should be sought to initiate damage limitation. Call CIB now.

  • Advisors to a financially distressed business will want to ensure directors and stakeholders are safely guided through difficult issues and able to offer professional guidance to their client.
  • Directors have a legal responsibility to cease trading if the business is unable to pay its debts when due and continues to trade whilst insolvent. Seek the available options that are open to you given your circumstances.
  • Lenders or a financial stakeholder? You will be wishing to minimise your losses.

Who do we guide?

Directors/Shareholders/Partners/Lenders/Sole Traders/Business Advisors

Facing Personal Insolvency? Click through to the Personal Insolvency Bureau.

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