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Case Studies

Real Case Studies

The following case studies are typical examples of the type of positive solutions we have managed to negotiate. Certain names and detail have been changed to protect the privacy of the persons involved.

  1. Retaining the matrimonial home within a bankruptcy

    Mr Barnes was a builder, with his own business. His Wife had her own antique's business...   (more)

  2. Guidance and support with a Bankruptcy

    Mr Reece had worked for many years as an employee of large company. That company then went into decline and Mr Reece decided to leave before he was made redundant....   (more)

  3. IVA - Individual Voluntary Arrangement - avoiding Bankruptcy following a company liquidation

    Mr Foster ran a business, which ended up in liquidation. He had given some personal guarantees and had also accumulated outstanding credit card debt...   (more)

  4. IVA - Individual Voluntary Arrangement - avoiding Bankruptcy - following debts from a sole trader business

    Mr Davis operated as a sole trader in the computer business. Through a number of bad debts, poor management and overspending, he had run up credit card and business debts....   (more)

  5. IVA - Return to creditors better than Bankruptcy - following on from a business that had ceased to trade

    Mrs Norman had a business, which because of financial difficulties had to cease to trade...   (more)

  6. IVA - Individual Voluntary Arrangement - resulting from credit card and loan debts

    Mr Field contacted PIB when he was faced with significant financial borrowings both on credit cards and loans...   (more)

  7. IVA - Informal Voluntary Arrangement by way of re-mortgage

    Mr & Mrs Roberts had a family of two young children and a house and were comfortably well off until some months after Mr Roberts was made redundant...   (more)

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